What Level Do I Play?

The 2022 CALIFORNIA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP will have three divisions for its Main Event (ABT tournament) in 2020.  We wish to service our experienced beginners who are too experienced for Novice but not  yet ready for Advanced (the level below Open).  However, this tournament takes a hard line on eligibility.  Simply put, PLAYING BELOW ONE'S LEVEL ("Sandbagging") WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. 


Below are guidelines for the three divisions.  Every registration below Open will be scrutinized.  Questionable registrations will be compared to the player’s club standings and certain USBGF rankings.  If necessary the registration will be sent to the tournament's Eligibility Committee for a final decision and the player notified.  If, after reading these descriptions, you are still unsure how to register, please call the Tournament Producer, Candace Mayeron, and she will be happy to help you make your decision.  310-822-3557.

NOTE:  Eligibility standards are not as rigorous for the Jackpots, and many Open players are eligible to play in the Dingwell Amateur Jackpot.  Again, check with Candace


PAUL MAGRIEL NOVICE:  Our beginning division.  Also called Limited or Beginners.  Novice players have played in very few, if any, ABT tournaments, do not have a “decent” understanding of the cube, may need help setting up the board or filling out their scoresheet.  Winners or finalists in any ABT tournament’s Novice division, even one time, within the prior five years disqualifies a player from Novice.  Cashing in Novice may disqualify.  High or middle standings at club level disqualifies the player from Novice. 


ADVANCED NOVICE:  Typically, those players with a PR above 9.  Some tournaments call this Intermediates.  Advanced Novices may, but not necessarily, have played in a few tournaments and regularly at the club level, but their game and results remain on the low end.  Advanced Novices know the Crawford Rule, use the cube when they play, even with mistakes or blunders; they certainly can set up the board and play in either direction.  Winning or cashing in the Advanced Novice (or Intermediate) division within the prior five years, at a tournament with four levels, probably but not necessarily will disqualify a player from Advanced Novice.  Winning or cashing in an Intermediate or Advanced division, even one time, within the prior five years will disqualify a player from Advanced Beginners, however simply playing in an Intermediate or Advanced division in the past five years will have no impact.  High standings at the club level or in on-line play disqualifies the player from Advanced Beginners. 


INTERMEDIATES:  Our third level and second to the highest.  Intermediate players are just that -- in the middle of the pack.  Intermediate players have most likely played in ABT tournaments, studied the game, play some of the time on-line, in clubs or with friends and are accustomed to using the cube, but their game and results are less than championship level.  Winning or cashing in the Intermediate/Advanced division, within the prior five years may or may not disqualify a player from Intermediates -- depending on when, where and how often.  Playing in an Open division in the past five years does not necessarily disqualify a player from Intermediates, although cashing in an Open division in the past five years probably, but not necessarily, will.  High standings at the club level may disqualify the player from Intermediates, depending on how high, what club and for how long.


OPEN or CHAMPIONSHIP:  Our fourth and highest level of player.  This field is open to everyone.  Field will be composed of skilled players up through grand masters. 

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