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FOR THE ABT MAIN (Open, Advanced & Intermediate):  Double elimination, progressive consolation.  Means TWO chances to win, THREE matches guaranteed and THREE chances to cash!  All Finals on Sunday.

FOR THE MASTERS & AMATEUR JACKPOTS Single elimination.  High equity.  Re-buys available all Thursday day and evening.

PLEASE:   REGISTER EARLY.  It really helps the tournament directors. Thursday Jackpot deposits fully refundable up to 12:00Noon, Thursday, December 7th.  ABT Main fully refundable up to 9:00PM Thursday, December 7th.  SO REGISTER EARLY.  There is no downside for doing so.  You may register without deposit or payment.  We don't need your money, we need your paperwork!! Overseas players may pay in full at the event.  Cash only at the event in US dollars for all players.
  (If you make early deposit, we only take Zelle, checks in the mail or cash at event.)

                    REGISTRATION FEE is $30.  Registrations submitted AFTER Nov 30 are $50. 

USBGF MEMBERSHIP is now required of all players in all ABT tournaments, including overseas players, before the tournament begins.  Register or Renew at:  

PLAYING IN THE DOUBLES:  Doubles starts Thursday night, the same as the Late Start Masters & Amateur Jackpots.  Therefore, if you want to play Doubles and one of the Jackpots, you must register for the Early Start on the Jackpot.  FAIR WARNING:  For the Early Start, I have to take a number of players divisible by 8.   The first 16 to request Early should have no problem getting their requested start time.  However, if you are the 17th or 25th, you go on a Wait List until I have 7 more.  Not fun.  Therefore, REGISTER EARLY if you want the early Jackpot start time.  When you register for Early Start you will get a confirmation email from me telling you whether you are confirmed or if you are on a Wait List.  
              DON'T HAVE A DOUBLES PARTNER?  WANT TO PLAY DOUBLES FOR FREE?  WANT TO PLAY DOUBLES WITH AN ELITE PLAYER?  Of course, any two players may make themselves a team.  However, if you prefer, we will pair an Amateur (Intermediate or low Advanced player) with a Pro (Elite/High Championship player).  The Amateur pays the full Entry Fee + Side Pool ($300 total).  If the team cashes, first $300 goes to the Amateur, thereafter 50-50 split.  Eligible players email me and I will pair you and notify you of your partner's name & contact info. 
       NOTE:  This really only costs the Amateur $150, as he'd have to pay his half anyway.  The Amateur gets about two hours of really intense "lessons" from the Pro as he corrects your moves.  Win a match and there is another two hours!  Plus you'll make a "friend" with a world class player and have someone in the room you are comfortable kibbitzing.   Pros love it as they don't have to lay out cash and they really like helping enthusiastic players; plus they don't have another pro correcting their moves!  We did this for the first time in December 2022 and the response was Over the Moon.  Players are returning to Los Angeles just because of this opportunity.  As soon as you complete registration, email me if you would like to be matched for Doubles. 

HOW TO REGISTER?  - On the upper right corner of every page of this website is a blue ribbon.  Click it.  If you have trouble filling out the form, call me and I'll do it with you over the phone.   No deposit is required to register, including overseas players.

HOW TO MAKE DEPOSIT? Due to new tax reporting requirements, we can no longer accept Paypal or Venmo.  We take Zelle, checks in the mail or cash at the event.  Zelle is fast, easy, and always free! You can also pay me cash at any tournament before the California State.  I will be at Viking (Mpls), Wild West (Denver) and Las Vegas.



Click Zelle button to sign up for Zelle

Send payment to:  Candace Mayeron @

Checks in the mail must be postmarked by November 24th
After December 5, cash only at the event.

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