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RESERVATIONS ARE NOW OPEN for the Hilton-LAX.  Group rate is $150/night, single or double occupancy. 


Click any picture on this page.

  Choose ATTENDEE if reserving online. *

or. . . 

Call: 1-800-HILTONS (800-445-8667)  The code for phone reservations is BGMT.  You do not need code if reserving through this website.  

Group rate is guaranteed only until the earlier of May 24 or Sold Out, so make reservations early.  (Contact Candace if problems. She always has tricks.)

*Please be aware if you make your reservation through an outside 3rd party vendor, e.g., neither Candace nor our Hilton representative can help you with changes, cancellations or refunds.  Plus, we do not get credit for your stay and that can hurt our contract.

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