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We are excited to present a BMAB tournament as the opener to the 2024 California State Championship. The BMAB will start and finish on Wednesday, June 5th, 2024. You may play the BMAB without playing other events.


HOURS / LOCATION: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Wednesday, June 5, 2024 at the Los Angeles LAX Hilton Hotel.

COST: Entry fee is $150 (100% return), recording & transcription fee is $100. Also available are four optional Side Pools, two for best PR and two for best win/loss record.

PLAY: Each player will play five 11-point matches. All matches will be clocked, recorded, transcribed and analyzed by XG.

REGISTRATION:  Registration will be taken on first come basis.  WALK-INS ARE NOT GUARANTEED A SPOT as the Tournament Director (Roberto Litzenberger) may not have brought enough equipment. Thus, please register early. This event, like all others at the Los Angeles Open is fully refundable up to the time the TD does the draw. The draw will take place approximately one hour prior to start time. To register, send an email or text to Roberto Litzenberger. & (434) 249-6738.

BENEFIT: It's a regular tournament with prize money for winning matches. Additionally, each player will receive their own match analysis by email, within a few days of the conclusion of the event.

                                                                  WHAT IS THE BMAB?

The Backgammon Masters Awarding Body (BMAB) is an international organization that
confers mastership titles and proficiency level certificates (e.g. Master, Grand Master) based
on calculated error rate (PR) in live clocked matches under tournament conditions. PR is
calculated by ExtremeGammon.  

BMAB receives videos and transcribed matches from the various affiliated tournament
organisers, then analyses, checks and moderates where necessary. The results are published
for all participating players. Result data includes average PR, average win rate, and Elo rating.
Using published criteria, mastership titles are awarded and proficiency levels certified where
appropriate. [In other words, you'll play about five matches all of which will be recorded and then transcribed for you. All this, including the equipment, is included in the entry fee.  Results will be sent to you and you will then know (for the first time probably) where you officially are on the backgammon proficiency.scale.]

These lifetime awards are reported both by inclusion in the published results and within the
content of periodic newsletters, and in databases of partner organizations such
as WBGF and WBIF.

         For more information go to the BMAB website at, or just Google BMAB.
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