I LIVE OVERSEAS.  HOW CAN I PAY?   We take Paypal to PipGal@ca.rr.com.  What some players have done is have a U.S. friend make the payment, then you repay the friend.  Deposits are optional for overseas residents including Canada.  CASH ONLY at the event.

HOW DO I ENTER A SIDE EVENT? -  Enter any Side Event at the tournament, including Doubles (be sure to take an early Jackpot start time.)  Cash only.

HOW DO I PAY MY FEES?  Fees paid to Gammon Associates West (Entry, ABT and Registration fees) may be paid either through Zelle (preferred), Venmo or Paypal to PipGal@ca.rr.com or by mailing a bank check.  $$$ For Paypal, make sure you pay Family & Friends or Someone You Trust  (not Goods and Services or Purchase Protection) or there will be a fee and you will have to pay it.  Mail checks postmarked by November 29th to:  Candace Mayeron, GAMMON ASSOCIATES WEST, 8601 Falmouth Ave #417, Playa del Rey, CA 90293.  


COVID PROTOCOLS:  This tournament follows CDC Guidelines, the mandates of the City of Los Angeles and the rules of the Hilton-LAX Hotel.  Los Angeles is one of the strictest cities in the nation.  We will have wipes, gloves and some masks on hand; of course masks are optional at all times.  The tournament will not wipe down loaner equipment. 

As of the time of this writing (August 27, 2022) we will not require Proof of Vaccination.  Any player exhibiting symptoms will have his/her temperature taken digitally, non-contact.  Players with a temperature over 99 or who refuse to have their temperature taken, forfeit the tournament with no refund of fees.  If you are sick or think you are sick, stay home.   All staff will meet the same requirements and be under the same conditions as the players.  These protocols may change if new variants surface.  

This section will always have up to date information.  Guests of players are very welcome, but they MUST conform to the same protocols before they enter the playing room.

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