RULES OF ONLINE PLAY - are now posted on this Site.

I LIVE OVERSEAS.  HOW CAN I PAY?   We take Paypal to  I am trying to arrange taking Xoom.  In the meantime, what some players have done is have a U.S. friend pay me, then you repay the friend.  

HOW DO I ENTER A SIDE EVENT? -  All Side Events are on the Registration form, however if you are winning in the Main or Jackpot, you may not play a Side Event.  In that case, your registration fee will be refunded fully.  *** Doubles are for the FIRST 16 teams to pay the Doubles registration fee.  Both players must play Wednesday night, but one player may play for the team on Sunday.

CAN WE PLAY ON ANOTHER SITE BY MUTUAL CONSENT?   No.  GridGammon is a partner for this event.  If you have trouble establishing a GG account, contact Candace at  ALL LA OPEN PLAYERS WILL GET EXPEDITED ACCOUNTS.

Doubles & Speedgammon must be on Heroes.


CATALINA IS SOLVED!   One of our astute Tech Coaches has solved the problem of playing GridGammon on the latest MAC version.  Use Parallel as the emulator.

HOW DO I PAY MY FEES?  Fees paid to Gammon Associates West (Entry fees, Admin fees and the USBGF fee) may be paid either through Paypal or Zelle to or by mailing a bank check.  Make sure you pay Family & Friends (not goods and services) or there will be a fee that you will have to make up.  Paypal now labels it Purchase Protection (goods & services) or Someone You Trust (friends & family).     Registrations will be accepted until Noon, Wednesday, June 9, Pacific time.  

WHAT ARE THE TECH COACH FEES?   Tech coaching is optional and all payment goes to the coach.  Mark on the Registration Form (or send me an email later) and a coach will call you and discuss the fees.


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