6/4/20 -  DEADLINE FOR PULLING OUT OF THE MAIN:  2:00 pm on Friday, June 5.

6/02/20 - REGISTRATION CLOSES FOR MAIN ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3 @ 12 Noon.  Side events remain open to registered players.   

5/27/20 -  RULES OF ONLINE PLAY - are now posted on this Site.  Look under the TOURNAMENT DETAILS dropdown.  

5/27/20 -  REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE - On Saturday for those who do not have a GridGammon account, and Wednesday, June 3, at Noon Pacific time to everyone.  

5/21/20 -  SIDE EVENTS INFORMATION NOW AVAILABLE - Side Events Schedule and registration information on the HOME dropdown or through the button on the HOME page.

5/12/20 -  THE LOS ANGELES OPEN NOW AWARDS ABT ONLINE! POINTS - On 5/10 the USBGF established a points-generating circuit, called ABTOnline!  The Los Angeles Open is proud to be a participating event, which means winners will be awarded  ABT points and recognition in similar fashion to live events.  You must be a member of the USBGF to play in a sponsored event.  Your membership is good for all USBGF online events (over 100 per year) as well as live events when we resume.  Basic membership is as low as $40 and comes with a boat-load of benefits.  Click here to get to the USBGF website, then use the Membership tab at the top to join.  

5/08/20 -  I LIVE OVERSEAS AND THERE IS NO VENMO.  HOW CAN I PAY?  I understand the problem.  Unfortunately for reasons too boring to explain we cannot take Paypal.  What other players have done is have a U.S. friend pay me through Venmo, then you repay the friend.  You may pay your Tech Coach through Paypal or any means mutually agreeable.

HOW DO I ENTER A SIDE EVENT? - An email with instructions will be sent to all registrants as it gets closer to June 4.  Fair warning:  payments will need to be through Venmo.  If you still do not have Venmo, you can send me a check in advance for every Side Event.  Of course I will refund any money not used.

4/26/20 -  CAN WE PLAY ON ANOTHER SITE BY MUTUAL CONSENT?   No, Grid-Gammon is a partner for this event.  There are many, many positives about GridGammon over any of the other sites, and most players prefer it.  The only negatives are (1) slow registration and (2) no clocks.  (1) The problem of slow registration has been solved.  All LAOO! registrants will get expedited registration.  (2) We are not requiring clocks.  YAY!  No more negatives.  And for those who've not learned GG, the Tech Coach will take care of that.  

4/24/20 -  CATALINA IS SOLVED!   One of our astute Tech Coaches has solved the problem of playing GridGammon on the latest MAC version.  Of course, any player identifying themselves as Catalina on their Registration Form will be assigned to this particular Tech Coach.  YAY!  For those of you who want to try it yourself, use Parallel as the emulator.

4/23/20 -  HOW DO I ENTER AND PAY FOR THE SIDE EVENTS?   I haven't figured it out yet!  No one has done this kind of tournament before so we are still inventing wheels.  Please check back here regularly.  Updates will be posted immediately.

HOW DO I PAY MY FEES?  Fees paid to Gammon Associates West (Entry fees, Admin fees and the USBGF fee) are paid either through Venmo or by mailing a bank check.  The latest I can receive a bank check is Monday, May 25th.  Registrations & Venmo payments will be accepted until Noon, Wednesday, June 3, Pacific time.  We cannot take Paypal or Zelle.  Side events must be paid by Venmo.  Tech Coach Fees must be paid at the conclusion of the training session through any means acceptable by your Coach.

Heading 6

4/22/20 -  ARE THERE TROPHIES?  No, there will be no trophies for any of the LAOO! events.  This is a 100% return event, so there is no money to purchase trophies.

WHAT ARE THE TECH COACH FEES?   If you are very familiar with all the software, the call will be short and will cost you $10.  If you need help learning Challonge, for example, it will be a relatively easy call but you’ll pay $30.  If the call goes over two hours, it’s $50.  If, after three hours the Coach cannot truthfully say you are ready, I will refund your Entry and Admin and USBGF fees.  If at any time, for any reason, you decide you do not wish to participate, I will refund your registration fees.  Training fees are not refundable.

I'M VERY COMPUTER LITERATE AND KNOW ALL 4 SOFTWARE PROGRAMS.  I DON'T WANT A $10 TECH CALL.  Sorry, everyone gets a call.  Calls are $10 or $30 or $50 depending on how much help you need.  Even if you don't need help, it's $10 because your Coach still needs to verify you.  (If you are that computer literate, volunteer to be a Coach and then you don't have to have a $10 call, plus you'll make money.)

WHAT IF BOTH PLAYERS AGREE TO PLAY ON A DIFFERENT PLAYING SITE?  Nope.  All matches will be played on GridGammon.

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