Wednesday, June 9 - Sunday, June 13, 2021


No player will be allowed to play below his/her skill level.  All times are Pacific Daylight Savings Time (California is -7GMT).




HIGH EQUITY JACKPOTS Single elimination, high equity.  90% Return.  Side Pools are 95% return.  

          MASTERS:  ($250 entry fee)   Matches are 11 points.  2 optional Side Pools ($100 or $300).*  No clocks.

          AMATEUR:  ($100 entry fee)   Matches are 9 points.    1 optional Side Pool  ($50).  No clocks.


MASTERS & AMATEUR JACKPOTS BEGIN Thursday, June 10 @ 5:00PM (Masters) and 5:30PM (Amateurs).  Re-entries allowed



MAIN EVENT:  Double Elimination (Fighter’s Bracket) with a Fresh Draw Last Chance.  This means you have TWO chances to win the Main and THREE chances to win prize money.  85% return.  Side Pools are 95% return.

          OPEN:  ($200 entry fee) Match points are 11, 9 and 7 points for the Main, Fighter’s and Last Chance respectively.  2 optional Side Pools ($100 or $300).*  No clocks.

          ADVANCED:  ($100 entry fee) Match points are 9, 7 and 5 points for the Main, Fighter’s and Last Chance respectively. 1 optional Side Pool ($50).  No clocks.


MAIN EVENT BEGINS Friday, June 11 @ 6:00PM (Open) and 6:30PM (Advanced).


SIDE POOLS There are two Side Pools = $100 & $200.  You can enter the $100 only, but if you want the $200 you must also enter the $100 = $300 total.  Payment of $300 gets you in both the $100 & $200 Side Pools.


            DOUBLES:  Wednesday night on Heroes @ 3PM, 5PM, 7PM. $200 per team entry, 90% return. Optional $100 per team Side Pool @ 95% return.  Limited to first 16 teams to register.  7pt matches. Clocks at 21min / 12sec delay. (3min per point / 12sec delay)

         SPEEDGAMMON:  Sunday at 5:00PM on Heroes.  $100 entry, 90% return. Optional $50 Side Pool @ 95% return. 7pt matches. Clocks at 24sec / 6sec delay.

GRIDGAMMON SIDE EVENTS:  All are single elimination, 7pt matches.  $50 entry fees, 90% return.  Optional $50 side pool for each, 95% return.  

          "Warm Up" Jackpot:  Friday @ 11:00 am. 

          “Craft Services” Dinner Jackpot:  Saturday @ 6:00 pm. 

          “It’s a Wrap” Jackpot - Sunday @ 2:30 pm. 


Audio & video communication through Zoom are NOT required for Side Events.  





All times subject to change


  3:00 pm      Doubles  -  3 Rounds (3PM, 5PM, 7PM)  7 pts.  Heroes clocks @ 3min per pt /12sec delay, therefore 21m/12s


THURSDAY, June 10 - Re-entries may be allowed

  5:00 pm      Jackpot - Masters    Single elimination   2-3 Rounds    (11 pts)

  5:30 pm      Jackpot - Amateur   Single elimination   2-3 Rounds      (9 pts)


FRIDAY, June 11

11:00 am      SIDE EVENT:  “Warm Up Jackpot”   $50   Single Elimination (7 pts)

  5:00 pm      All Player Zoom meeting.  Check email for invitation.

  6:00 pm      ABT MAIN EVENT Championship  Play begins  2 Rounds  (11pts)  

  6:30 pm      ABT MAIN EVENT Advanced Play begins   2 Rounds  (9pts)

  TBA                     FIGHTERS' Bracket begins (9pts Open, 7pts Advanced)



  9:00 am      "Reference Points You Cannot Live Without" - Steve Sax -  FREE FOR REGISTERED PLAYERS

10:00 am      ABT MAIN EVENT resumes Open & Advanced - Rounds 3-8 (4 rounds / dinner / 2 rounds)

  5:00 pm - 6:00 pm  Dinner break - optional.  A ZOOM ROOM WILL BE OPEN FOR SOCIALIZING - snacks in your refrigerator

  6:00 pm      ABT MAIN EVENT Evening session Open & Advanced

  6:00 pm      SIDE EVENT:  “Craft Service Dinner Jackpot”   $50   Single Elimination (7 pts) - only for those with two losses in the Main


SUNDAY, June 13

11:00 am       Fresh Draw Last Chance - Open (7 pts) & Advanced (5 pts) - 6 rounds   

12:00 pm      Main & Fighters continue -  Main Rounds 9-12

  2:00 pm      JACKPOT:  Semi-finals (Final if only 2 players remaining)

  2:30 pm      SIDE EVENT:  “It’s a Wrap” Jackpot - $50 - Single Elimination (7 pts)

  4:30 pm      ABT Finals begin - Open & Advanced (time is subject to change)

  5:00 pm      DOUBLES finals

  5:00 pm      SPEEDGAMMON:  7 pts.  Heroes clocks @ 24s/6s

  6:00 pm      JACKPOT:  Finals

  9:00 pm      Expected end of play





Any player with a GridGammon account, in any time zone, is eligible to play providing they also have the proper hardware and software (see TECHNOLOGY below). 




THE HARDWARE:  You will need a computer with camera and microphone.  An external webcam and microphone will also work.  Unfortunately, at this time, a cell phone alone will not satisfy the technology requirements of the LA Online Open.


THE SOFTWARE:  We are using five software programs:  Zoom, Skype, GridGammon, Challonge and Heroes. 

           ZOOM:  The All-Player meeting just prior to the start of the Main Event will be on Zoom.  Important to attend as contains last minute announcements + tech review.  Also the complimentary Saturday morning Lecture is on Zoom.  


          GRIDGAMMON:  All matches are required to be played on GridGammon.  No matches are clocked.  GridGammon can be installed on any computer, including one that is running Catalina.  Both players must have their Auto-Save settings active and know where the match file is stored on their hard drive.  Both players will email the match file at the conclusion of the match.  If you are not yet registered on GridGammon, we will get you registered in fewer than 24 hours.  Contact Candace Mayeron at


          CHALLONGE:  Matches and results will be posted on this site.  You will need the program installed on your computer.  

          HEROES:  Only for Doubles & Speedgammon.  Of course you must have the program and know how to use it.  If you need a refresher, here is a Manual.   Click here.






This is a USBGF-approved tournament.  Membership in the USBGF is now required to play in all ABT tournaments, online or live.  THIS INCLUDES OVERSEAS PLAYERS.  Membership is as low as $40/year and can be cancelled anytime for pro-rated refund.  Go to to register.  Additionally, the American Backgammon Tour requires a per/player fee of $10.  This will be included on your registration.  (You can register first on this site and then go to the USBGF site to become a member.)






Please next read BEFORE YOU REGISTER and then click any blue REGISTER ribbon on most pages of this website.