Thursday - Sunday / june 4 - 7, 2020


Two events in the MAIN (Open division and Advanced division).  No player will be allowed to play below his/her skill level.  Three SIDE EVENTS.  Play in the Main Event begins @ 5:00 pm Friday night.


MAIN EVENT FORMAT:  Double Elimination (Fighter’s Bracket) with a Fresh Draw Last Chance.  This means you have TWO chances to win the Main and THREE chances to win prize money.

          OPEN:  ($200 entry fee) Match points are 11, 9 and 7 points for the Main, Fighter’s and Last Chance respectively.  Side Pool ($100) optional.  No clocks.

          ADVANCED:  ($100 entry fee) Match points are 9, 7 and 5 points for the Main, Fighter’s and Last Chance respectively.  Side Pool ($50) optional.  No clocks.



          WARM-UP TOURNAMENT:  Thursday @ 6:00 pm.  Single elimination Jackpot.

          EARLY BIRD TOURNAMENT:  Friday @ 6:00 am.  Single elimination Jackpot.

          DINNER BRAWL:  Saturday @ 6:00 pm.  

          LAST GASP JACKPOT - Sunday @ 2:00 pm.  Jackpot.


This is a ZERO RAKE tournament.  Just don't get used to it!



all times are Pacific (California)


   6:00 pm.  optional Side Event - Warm-up Tournament.  Single elimination.  $50

FRIDAY, June 5

   6:00 am.  optional Side Event - Early Bird Jackpot.  $50

   5:00 pm.  LOS ANGELES ONLINE OPEN begins

   6:00 pm.  Play begins.  (2 rounds)


          10:00 am - 4:00 pm - Day session (3 rounds)

          4:00 pm - 5:00 pm - Dinner break

          5:00 pm - 11:00 pm - Evening session (3 rounds)

          6:00 pm - optional Side Event - Dinner Brawl  $50

SUNDAY, June 7

          11:00 am - Fresh Draw Last Chance - Open (7 pts) & Advanced (5 pts) - 6 rounds. 

          12:00 pm - Main & Fighters continue

          2:00 pm - optional Side Event - Last Gasp Jackpot.  $50

          3:30 pm - Finals begin

          9:00 pm - Expected end of play



Players will need the proper hardware and software (see below) and be proficient.  We have Tech Coaches for those who may not have or understand any of the required programs.  There are no time zone restrictions.  If you are willing to play in the middle of (your) night, it’s fine with us.




THE HARDWARE:  You will need a computer with camera and microphone.  An external webcam and microphone will also work.  Unfortunately, at this time, a cell phone alone will not satisfy the technology requirements of the LAOO.


THE SOFTWARE:  We are using four software programs:   Venmo, Skype, GridGammon and Challonge are required.  If you do not have one or more of these programs, it’s okay.  Your Tech Coach will solve that problem for you.

         VENMO:   Tournament fees paid to Gammon Associates West (Entry fee, Admin fee and the USBGF fee) may be paid through Venmo or by mailing a bank check.  The latest I can receive a bank check is Monday, May 25th.  Registrations & Venmo payments will be accepted until Noon, Wednesday, June 3, Pacific time.  However, if you are going to play in any of the Side Events, you MUST have a Venmo account as it will be too late to send a check.  NOTE:  Venmo accounts can take up to two days to link to a bank account.  Instructions how to install Venmo are on the BEFORE YOU REGISTER page.  

                   When paying through Venmo, look for either GammonAssociatesWest (all one word) or pipgal@ca.rr.com to make payment.  You do not have to be “my friend” on Venmo to send moneyJust click the blue circle icon at the bottom right of your smart phone's screen and make the payment.  Your registration cannot be processed until you have paid all tournament fees.  

          SKYPE:  All matches begin with a Skype call between the two players.  Both players will VIDEO AND AUDIO RECORD the entire match.  The camera should be pointed at you not the screen.  Both players will send the video file to Ben Friesen at the conclusion of the match.  If you do not have the app or know how to submit a file, your Tech Coach will train you.


          GRIDGAMMON:  All matches are required to be played on GridGammon.  No matches are clocked.  GridGammon can be installed on any computer including a MAC running Catalina.  Both players must have their Auto-Save settings active and know where the match file is stored on their hard drive.  Both players will send the match file to Ben Friesen at the conclusion of the match.  If you are not yet registered on GridGammon, we will get you registered in fewer than 24 hours.  If you have GG but are unsure how to navigate it or you do not know how to submit a match file, your Tech Coach will train you.


          CHALLONGE:  Matches and results will be posted on this site.  You will need the program installed on your computer.  If you do not have the app or are unsure how to navigate it, your Tech Coach will train you.



Let’s be honest.  Many people are not playing online because they are unfamiliar with the technology and find it to be daunting.  We want to help. Every Registrant will be contacted by a Tech Coach.  The Tech Coach will help you install and/or learn any of the four programs (hopefully you’ve already installed and linked Venmo to your bank account.)  (Installation instructions on BEFORE YOU REGISTER drop down under Tournament Details.)

The Tech Coach will contact you within 24 hours from the time your Entry, Admin & USBGF fees are fully paid.  One important reason to register early is to have time to work with a Tech Coach.   All registration fees will be refunded to any player who simply cannot work one of the software programs, even after training.  


FEES FOR TECH COACH:  The job of the Tech Coach is to prepare you for the tournament and to make sure you are technologically ready.  The call will cost you $10 or $30 or $50 depending on how much help you need and will be paid directly to the Coach.  Training fees are not refundable as you will have received valuable training.  Details about training fees are in the DAILY UPDATES tab, under Tournament Details.




We are very strong supporters of the USBGF and this is a USBGF-approved tournament.  





Just click the BEFORE YOU REGISTER button, follow the easy instructions and you are good to go!!

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