2022 USBGF Awards Dinner

The American Backgammon Hall of Fame recognizes and honors those players, directors and other individuals who have made significant contributions to the game over a substantial period of time. 

2022 HALL OF FAME:  Candidates to the Hall of Fame are individuals who have (1)  Contributed a significant body of work over a substantial period of time as players, directors, authors, publishers, promoters, teachers and/or innovators; (2) Realized exceptional accomplishments; (3) Demonstrated remarkable skill through success over the board for decades.

Nominations solicited from U.S. Backgammon Federation members must note the nominee's awards, accomplishments and reasons for consideration.  The 2022 Hall of Fame Committee -- consisting of Joseph Russell (Chair), Art Benjamin, Patrick Gibson, Kent Goulding, Neil Kazaross and Bill Robertie --  reviewed all nominations and compiled a ballot.  Electors voting on the ballot included all living inductees in the Hall of Fame, members of the USBGF Board of Directors and others of long and extensive participation and expertise in the backgammon community, possessing the knowledge and perspective of individual contributions. 
2022 LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: The USBGF Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution over their lifetime to the conduct of the game and tournaments, possess knowledge about its history and traditions, or have created tools, strategies, commentary and/or educational offerings that have advanced the game.
2021 ABT AWARDS:  The USBGF awards the top point performers in live play and online.  Of particular note will be presentation of the 2021 Player of the Year.
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Women in Backgammon Break-Out Breakfast 

  Join us for a women’s breakfast, where a presentation will be made about some element of the game designed to continue the growth of our game and our acumen in playing it. Meet some new friends, competitors, and all round amazing women, enjoy breakfast and then head to the tables. Send us at email at WomenInBackgammon@gmail.com if you can make it and we will email you details as they emerge. Hope to see you there! 

               Women in Backgammon was founded in 2021 to promote women’s participation, place and preeminence in competitive backgammon. Please visit our website at www.WomenInBackgammon.com to learn more about what we can provide you as you seek to elevate your game. 

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Women In Backgammon Breakfast at the 2021 CALIFORNIA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP, December 2021, Los Angeles, CA

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Women In Backgammon honors 1981 World Champion, Lee Genud (far right), April 2022, Palm Beach, FL